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“Discover the ultimate natural beauty of the pine trees reflecting in the crystal clear waters of the small bay of Sideronas, the pebble beach, and the beautiful stone guesthouse blending harmoniously with the landscape. At Eternia Suites and Apartments, you’ll inhale the scent of pine resin and the tranquility of the azure sea will offer you a sense of serenity. Its strong advantage, however, lies in its proximity to archaeological destinations and short excursions. The ancient theater of Epidaurus is only 51 kilometers away, the stunning monolithic temple of Apollo in Ancient Corinth is 25 kilometers away, Mycenae is 93 kilometers away, and even the Acropolis Museum is just an hour and a half away by car. Returning from day trips, you can relax by swimming or enjoy the traditional tavernas in the surrounding villages. ”The Eternia Suites and Apartments stands out from other accommodations because each room is recommended with its own color, decoration, and furniture. They do offer the amenities of modern equipment such as a refrigerator, air conditioning, television, internet or a small kitchen, but the central idea is to stay in harmony with nature. Welcome to Eternia.

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